avatarI wrote this comic back around Christmas. I just wen’t home for Easter and it was equally true. My family sure does love busting my balls about giving up caffeine and sweets and take-out for lent. And you can be sure there was a pile of sugar on Easter morning. I don’t even miss sweets. I think I’ve broached the fact that I don’t like them that much. It’s caffeine that I really missed. I shouldn’t complain, my dad made some great meals. That’s probably where I get my love of cooking.

I mentioned a few posts ago that Ryan has moved into my spare room. We’ve been working on a bunch of comic scripts, but nothing that’s going to be online for a while. He’s supposed to be working on some Children at Play stuff during the day today, but I should probably call him and remind him to if I actually hope for it to get done. I only have another week or so to get him to write before he starts paying rent in money instead of ideas.

Anyway, I got alot on my plate this week! Gotta make a list it’s so much! Later!