avatarWell, IDWBTFK has finally broken the 50 page mark, justifying it’s banner on the spash page.  Heres to 150!

So far I haven’t seen alot of results, but I’ve also been only going to the gym for about thirty minutes a day, so I have very low expectations at the moment. I want to try to get into a habit, and I think going for a shorter amount of time will keep it from being inconveinient until I’ve formed that habit. The short morning routine I do would be a great habit to create as well. My freeweights are only 20lbs so unless I work those muscles at the gym (which I currently am not) then I can do it every day without having to worry about muscle strain. It’s just to get the blood pumping.

Lately it’s been pretty hot, so heres a little video with snow in it. :)

Gym Song of the Day: Eskimo Disco – 7-11