avatarThe worst part about this was that there really wasn’t any one thing that pissed me off that day. I’m usually a pretty laidback kinda guy, but for some reason, I just couldn’t help sweating the small stuff.

I do hope to have IDWBTFK updating three times a week, although which three days will be pretty up in the air. There was a point, the last time I tried this were the comic/blog just stopped being a motivating factor. The way I had it set up was that I would have a slice of life comic, then a dietary tip comic, then a slice of life comic, then an exercise tip comic, and so the comic was actually progressing at half the rate my diet was. So when I’d dropped twenty pounds I was still doing comics about when I’d only dropped seven. It stopped motivating me, and just became a hassle to try to think of, for all intents and purposes, two comics a day.

I’m just going to update as I go now. And I’m hoping for more success

Gym Song of the Day: The Go! Team – The Power is On