You guys just couldn’t let it die huh?

Why can’t I get this kinda outpuoring of support for Children at Play or Modern Day Witchdoctor. If I ended those someone somewhere would shrug their shoulders and go “oh well.” I end fat kid and I get status inquiries months later.

So, the new update schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I gotta cut journal comics (like the next one would be day 17) for a number of reasons. a) because now I’m months ahead of that so it’d be ngh impossible to pick up where I left off b) I’m just too damn lazy to keep writing down my diet and gym schedule everyday and c)Funny stuff doesn’t happen to me EVERYDAY, sometimes I just go to the gym run for a while and come home. And then I can’t think of what to write about, so I throw something together that I think is substandard but will fit the shoe, but then when I have to draw it I can’t really get behind the project. So instead of a regular journal comic I’ll just do comics about my diet and exercise interspersed with the random crap that happens to me when I think of it.

Gym Song of the Day: Pendulum vs Freesylers – Painkiller