avatarI genuinely think that people like me who have been struggling at keeping fit their whole lives, against their crappy metabolisms, are far better off then people who’ve always been skinny. Ryan and I grew up together, I’ve known him like 15 years. All his life he’s been the skinniest kid.

However the last few years he’s started putting on some serious weight, he weighs almost as much as I do now. His dad is a house, and he’s been blaming his weight gain on his genetic metabolism. But he doesn’t exercize and eats like a kid. He doesn’t have the energy to exercize because of his metabolism, and his metabolism isn’t improving because he’s not going to the gym. Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy.

People who are genetically skinny often don’t know crap about health and fitness. Whereas if I didn’t know anything about health and fitness I’d be a fat sack of fat.

Gym Song of the Day: The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz